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IMPORTANT info about COVID-19 and your salon experience...

As I know you’re all aware, things have drastically changed in the last couple weeks and even days when it comes to the COVID-19 situation. Your health and safety are of my utmost concern and I ask that if you or any member of your family are not feeling well or have ANY signs of fever, cough, sore throat, etc that you would reschedule your appointment. As your stylist I totally understand that life is unpredictable right now, because of that I am going to go ahead and waive the cancellation policy for those not feeling well. If you're not feeling well I completely understand, let me know and please stay home. If you come in sick anyway I will send you home and charge you a cancellation fee. This will be the only fee in effect during this time. Please DO NOT COME IN. All cancellations for illness or precaution will be rescheduled more than 30 days out. This is to ensure that by the time you come in for an appointment  you are completely symptom free. If I or my daughter show symptoms I will stay home for two weeks. In the meantime I am going to do my absolute best to get you all taken care of. I want to offer my space as a tranquil getaway from everything that is going on. That means, when you sit in my chair, it is YOUR time and we can chat about whatever you’d like. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to reach out by emailing me.

Meanwhile lets postpone the hugs. I thank you for you patience and understanding as we all work through this for the heath and safety of everyone.

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