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kikidoesmyhair bio

KiKi's heart made her a hairstylist at the age of 12 but she became licensed in 2002 and has been practicing since. She takes pride in her education and attends regular classes that have earned her several certifications. Her current role as an educator to her peers as well as her clients is something that she never imagined but she is loving every aspect of it. She is known for her precision haircuts and eye catching color. Her true passion is hair color and hair care because she believes that you can achieve both while maintaining the integrity of your hair. KiKi has an extremely diverse clientele and her passion consistently leaves her clients with the look and feel that they desire, because of these skills her clients are extremely loyal.

2019-03-08 12.52.18 1.jpg

I am a Virgo.

Organization is my jam. I mean, who doesn't like The Container Store?

I am a very serious person. No really, I am. Like. Very. Serious!!!

I am an introvert, although most people DO NOT believe that.

My daughter is my best friend but I am mom first. 


I did not wear makeup until I was 26.

I am a fan of "Laguna Beach" and "The Hills".

I still laugh at "King of Queens", no matter how many times I've seen the episode. That Doug Heffernan is so funny to me.

I am my parents favorite child, lol. I'm just kidding, but I like to tell my siblings ( and my parents) that.

kikidoesmyhair bio
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