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Bangin' Blowout

I know that you love salon blowouts. You like the shampoo/ head massage. You love the smell of the products in the air. You like how bouncy, voluminous and flowy your hair is when you leave. You like that you don't have to do your hair yourself. Do I need to go on? LoL. I love doing salon blowouts. Here are a few tips to get your hair "close to" the perfect salon blowout and you'll learn a little bit of product knowledge while you're at it.

First, of course, you will want to start with freshly shampooed locks. Use your favorite shampoo and conditioner, hopefully professional products recommended by your hairstylist. Apply your favorite leave in conditioner and comb that throughout. I like to add a BB Creme as well. BB Creme is used to enhance styling, smooth your cuticle, add shine, prevent frizz and they are humidity resistant. My favorite BB Creme is Design Base by Scruples. Next you want to begin by adding your best styling products. A few tips on stylers, mousse/foams are wonderful on fine tresses. They create loads of volume without weighing your hair down. A couple of my favorite are Indie #BigVolume Foam and Scruples Creme Parfait. My ladies with thick hair can use mousse as well but you would also want to add a light hold gel, best ever is Scruples Silk Control.

Begin to blow dry your hair with a paddle brush until its 80% dry. Try to get the roots dry first. Once you get to the point where you are ready to style you want to add your concentration nozzle (the little thing in your blow dryer box that you usually want to throw away because you don't know what to do with it) Before you finish let me give you pointers on round brushes. You want to choose the size depending on the final desires look. If you have short hair, obviously you are limited on choices, but if you have a little length thing may get a little more complicated. With medium to long hair, if you use a small brush you will add curl to your hair. If you choose a medium brush you are adding volume and a little curl. Now if you desire to have a smooth blowout with maximum volume, go big or go home, the bigger the brush the smoother the tresses.

You can now add your size choice of round brush to the blow-drying process. It may be easier if you section your hair, it will also prevent the round brush getting stuck in your hair. Use your round brush to create the shape that you like. You know that your hair is completely dry if it is no longer cold. Finish you look with your favorite hairspray. Mine is High Definition by Scruples. Now that you have a few tips and tricks for the "close to' perfect salon blowout, you can conquer the world, well at least you can conquer your fear of the round brush. Happy Blow-drying.

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