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3 Tips for Winter Recovery Hair

It is officially spring, except the weather here is St. Louis did not get that memo, but now is a great time to recover winters dull and dry tresses and start to prep your hair for the spring weather.

It is finally time to retire those wool hats, scarves and coats, all culprits for the reason that your mane is tired. What does it take to recover your tresses from the brisk cold winter? Here are a few easy steps to load your hair with moisture.

1. Moisture Mask

A deep conditioning moisturizing mask should be done once a week or biweekly. Using a moisture mask will smooth down the cuticle and lock in the moisture. Deep conditioning treatments are cosmetic fixes but they do the job well for a temporary fix. For in internal treatment let me lead you to option number two.

2. In salon treatment.

OLAPLEX is a game changer in the hair and beauty industry. This treatment is done in the salon but it is well worth the time and investment. With Olaplex we are now able to push the hair further than we ever could before because of this miracle in a bottle. Olaplex works by building broken disulfide bonds in the hair. It is literally mending the inside of your hair making it healthier, more managable and shinier. Read more about Olaplex because I wrote a post all about it.

3. Leave in conditioner

A leave in conditioner is designed to use after your traditional conditioner and left on the hair. Leave in conditioners are usually light weight so that styling is not affected. This conditioner is designed to prevent damage and smooth the hair. If you have fine hair do not let a leave in scare you, you need to focus on the ends of your hair only and stray away from your scalp area to prevent losing volume. Leave in conditioner is great as a detangler as well.


Make water your best friend. Drink lots of it. Water is beneficial for your overall health, it keeps you well hydrated and it is good for your skin as well as your hair. Drink your water, drink lots of it and drink it often. Well, that's all folks. that is all that I have for you. I hope that you use these tips to treat your tresses and fall back in love with your hair.

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