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The Top Reasons Why You May Have Hair Breakage

Every woman has a fear of hair breakage. You are prone to breakage for several reasons including one that you wouldn't even think of. Here is a small list of reasons that I believe can lead you to have some breakage. Trust me the list can go on, I just chose some of the main reasons that I believe are prominent to most people. Let's dive in.

1. Over shampooing.

Yes, in fact you can over wash your hair. Daily shampooing can dry your hair out. Think about this! The daily practice of shampooing , drying, and styling your hair can indeed dehydrate your tresses. Going days in between shampooing causes the natural oils to travel down the hair shaft and "hydrate" your hair.

2. Over processing.

Are you a person that colors their hair at home? Go ahead and admit it. It's okay, well not really, I believe that every woman deserves to go to the salon to have their hair done and be pampered. I find that women who color their own hair in the bathroom colors their hair more often. You should not color your hair more than every four weeks. I believe minimum five but I prefer six weeks. I think that you should only do it less than five or six weeks if something important comes up, which at that point those appointments should be planned out. I know, I know, things come up, I get it, but lets not make a habit of it. That's all.

3. Your styling tools are too high...

I ask clients all the time, what is the temperature of your straightener? Then I follow it up with why? People have the mindset that high temperatures produce quick results. They believe that temperatures of 400+ is what they should use because it "styles quicker'', that is not true. The reason why straighteners have temperature controls is because based on the hair texture and density is the temperature that your straightener should be. If you have fine, thin hair a lower temperature is best, where as if you have thick coarse hair higher temperatures are best. Whatever the texture of your hair you should take smaller sections on already smooth hair, because you should get your hair smooth during the blow dry process. Slow and steady wins the race.

4. Over manipulation & rough towel drying

Friction can cause hair breakage! Do I need to say more? Okay, let me explain. When you are constantly touching your hair you are more than likely pulling and tugging, the tugging is snapping your hair. Also, when you are drying your hair, do not rub the towel on your hair, you are roughing up the cuticle. You want to squeeze your hair out as you go down the length of your hair. That is what is going to help aid in frizzy hair because as you are squeezing your hair out you are smoothing the cuticle down with it as opposed to creating frizz by roughing it up.

5. You need a haircut

Did you know that hair does not stop splitting?! Once you have split ends you need to take care of them immediately. If you need a haircut, no magic serum will prevent you from needing a haircut. that hair will continue to travel up the hair shaft. Myth busted: Sorry moms. Getting a haircut does NOT make your hair grow faster. What you are doing by getting regular haircuts is taking care of those split ends sooner so that you do not have to take off length.

6. Stress I’ll bet you didn’t guess that one.

I am not the one to get all scientific with you and provide lab tested evidence but I can contest to stress being a factor in hair loss. Fact, I always know when my mom is super stressed. My mom stresses so bad that she gets a bald spot at the top crown of her head.

Bonus... Environmental.

Dryer weather. Cold weather can reap havoc on your tresses. I have a client that says she loves winter because it is good for her hair. I had to explain to her that while colder temperatures does help her maintain her style longer it is actually horrible for her hair. Humidity is a good thing for your locks. Humidity helps to maintain moisture, your hair craves moisture. Did you learn something today? I hope this was a little informative for you. Until next time,


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