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BB Creme for hair?

BB creme or beauty balm, has been used for the face to moisturize, protect and correct. Well BB Creme for the hair does that same thing but for your tresses. It has amazing benefits for the health of your precious locks.

Have you heard of the brand Crack Hair Fix? One of the guys that works in a suite next to me lived for "the Crack" LoL and sold it to all of his clients, but then he was given a sample of Scruples Design Base and told me that he liked it better than Crack. Of course I wanted to try it, not Crack but Design Base. So I did. Design Base BB Creme is a multitasking styling creme that smooths the cuticle, adds shine, best of all, it is humidity resistant. How about that. I'm sure that you've seen BB creme trending all over social media. To be honest, I didn't really care too much, I could not commit and I never jumped on the bandwagon. Until now. Because I like to try new products, I am a hairstylist you know, I went ahead and used this BB Creme. I was pleasantly surprised. I have such a large and diverse clientele that I try to get most of my products to be "universal". I started off by using it on my curls, because I test everything on mine or my daughter's hair before I try it on my clients. I applied it to my hair and loved it. I then started using it in the salon. Just this past week, after I styled one of my clients, she text me the next day to say, "I always love what you do to my hair but this time something was different, it was better. What did you do"? I told her... It was the Design Base. It is awesome, Awesome I tell you!

Scruples Design Base

To start off, have freshly shampooed tresses. Towel blot your hair and apply a pea sized amount of Design Base in your hands then proceed to warm the product up by rubbing your hands together like you are putting on lotion. Apply the bb creme to the ends of your hair. Ends first. That is important to know since the ends are the oldest part of your hair with the most stress, we want to protect those first. Comb the bb creme throughout your hair then you can apply whatever styling product that you prefer or you can just blow dry the Design Base ( bb creme) directly into your hair. Be prepared to have smooth, silky, shiny hair. Its awesome, Awesome I tell you! Now go. Get you some! And enjoy!

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