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Are You Burning your hair?

Hi guys. This is a PSA, a serious public! Service! Announcement! Right here! This needs to be said. I’m telling you this important information right here, right now, because I love you!

Have you guys seen the little girl on YouTube (this is an old video but relevant) doing a tutorial about curling hair, and she actually burns her hair off? Yeah, her hair was still on the curling iron but the hair was no longer attached to her head. She literally burnt her hair off! I wanted to cry for her. Through that and other videos you can see that hair actually can burn. Just because yours has not gotten to that extent yet does not mean that you are not burning your hair. Let me ask you a question. I really want you to answer this because it is that serious. What temperature is your hot tool on? If it does not have an actual temperature but numbers such as 1, 2, 3, 4, high, low or whatever yours has (I hope not just an on and off switch) where is it on the number scale? Is it 1? 4? Is it set high? Is it low? 300? 450? I will give you a minute to think about it (insert Jeopardy music)….

Allow me to explain

Okay, Now that you have that number, why is it that high (because if you haven’t been in my salon and was told by me to turn it down, I know it is high)? Let me give you a fact. Again, I am trying to help you, but the fact is that hair burns at 451 degrees, and that is only if your hair is healthy. If your hair has been compromised or is chemically treated it can burn at lower temperatures. Ultimately the more you straighten your hair, at temperatures that are too high, the more potential for heat damage. Do you have curly or wavy hair but you straighten it from time to time? When you shampooed your hair were all your curls intact or do you have straight ends? Those straight ends are heat damage. Heat damage is permanent. There is no mending or treatment for heat damage. Sorry.

What not to do.

Okay, so once your hair has been straightened, do not, let me repeat that, DO NOT straighten it again without shampooing first. Have you ever run the straightener across your (old) hair really quick before running out the door? It’s okay to admit, we have all been there. Didn’t you smell like burnt hair all day, well technically until you shampooed your hair again? That is because you just baked those products in your hair, you know, the hairspray and serum that you put on once you finished styling. Its baked in and it’s not good for a healthy head of hair.

What to do when you have heat damage…

The simple answer is cut it!

Are you too busy?

I know how easy it is in the hustle and bustle of our busy lives to want to short cut things but short cutting on your best hair practices could leave you with a short cut. You see what I did there? LOL. It may be corny but it is true. SO the next time you do your hair (tomorrow morning) Please turn your hot tools down, and the hot water oh, and the blow dryer. Don’t forget NOT to straighten it again without shampooing. I just saved your life, your hair’s life. Come back for more healthy hair tips. That is all…… For now.


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