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5 Tips for Healthy Hair

Did you know that healthy hair actually starts within? To maintain healthy hair you need proper minerals, nutrients and vitamins. No, I am not talking about Biotin capsules. I’m speaking of the vitamins and nutrients that you get from the leafy greens, the hard boiled eggs, and the grilled chicken. Yum, I just made myself hungry... Healthy locks comes from a healthy scalp. Here are some of the basic ways to get and keep healthy hair without adding anything extra to your life.

1. Hydrate.

Drink plenty of water. That is self-explanatory but did you know that you are supposed to drink your body weight in ounces of water? It may or may not be true, you can do the research if you want but hydrating yourself does wonders for your hair and your overall health.

2. Skip a day, or two, or five of shampoo (five may be excessive, but you get my point, let’s roll with it).

Remember that a healthy scalp is beneficial to healthy hair. The oils from your scalp are actually lubricating your tresses. You can go a couple days without shampooing your hair and be just fine. With all of the choices of dry shampoo out there you can definitely skip and not even notice a difference. My favorite Dry shampoo is by Scruples, just in case you were wondering. Now, lets talk shampoo. The sulfate free shampoo craze is all over the place, while I do believe that sulfates can be drying to the hair, I also believe everything in moderation. And let’s face it, you already have a favorite shampoo that you have used for years ( I'm hoping that it was a recommendation from your stylist) and it just does right by you. Right?! I am a true believer in alternating shampoos. Say you are one of those “I go to the gym and I sweat like a mad woman type of women”, firstly, insert dry shampoo but I feel your pain, go ahead and shampoo your locks. Instead of using the sulfate shampoo every single day, use it on Mondays and Thursdays and use the sulfate free shampoo the other days. But make sure that you are using an amazing moisturizing conditioner to balance the pH and soften your hair.

3. Scalp massage

Massaging your scalp at the end of the day is not only relaxing but it stimulates blood flow to the hair follicle creating healthy scalp. Interesting fact: healthy hair starts from the scalp (but you know that already because I believe that this is my third time stating that. Yes? No?) so get those fingers ready to massage your scalp. Even better, have your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend or significant other to do it for you. That is where the real win comes in.

4. Thermal protection

Everyone is using heat tools to create beach waves, you know that you are, go ahead and admit it. It's okay, everybody is doing it. Before you began to use the curling iron you had to blow dry. News flash, a blow dryer is a heat source too. Ding, duh lol. But seriously, after you shampoo, condition and use your favorite styling product make sure you prep your locks with a GOOD thermal protector BEFORE you start the blow dry process.

5. Turn you hot tools down

Oh my goodness, if this is not the culprit for some damaged hair! There is no reason for your iron, any iron, to be up to 450 degrees, 400 is pushing it too. Do your hair a favor and turn them down. When you straighten your hair you just added the third heat source. Let’s count them together. First you shampooed with hot water, because you shampoo in the shower and that hot water feels so good. Right?! Hot water is heat. SO that would be heat source numero uno. Heat source number two comes in the form of your hair dryer. I’ll bet to speed up the drying process you have it on high heat, high speed. Did I call that or what? Now onward to number three, that flat iron or curling iron. You know the one that is too hot? Yeah, that one. Turn it down.

Bonus… Implementing Bond builders or any salon treatment. Get you some!!! Do yourself a huge favor and get to the salon to do a treatment. Not only will it create a great canvas for your styling but it is a little treat for yourself, and we all need to treat ourselves.

Want another bonus?! Why not?! Weekly deep conditioning treatments help to maintain the moisture balance of your hair. You can do deep conditioning treatments while you clean the house, do laundry, workout or Netlixing. There really is no excuse. We all want healthy hair but we have to put in the work to maintain it. I want the best for you and you can start with these tips to get you r best most healthiest hair. Until next time my lovlies...


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