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Mother's Day is when? 7 last minute gift ideas for mom.

Just in case you had no idea, Mothers Day is this Sunday. As in two days. I have compiled a list of some tried and true gift ideas. I have some good ones! Want to know what they are?


If you want to be lazy, well, maybe you're too busy, (wink) or you just know her favorite spot. Grab her a gift card (that she may or may not use). That is the obvious choice. Right?! But how about a little more creativity?!

Numero Dos.

This one is a deal for mom and possibly even you. A blowout kit. How it works, you purchase my signature blowout kit for $37, it includes all of my favorite products to give you a salon worthy blowout. With the purchase of that kit you receive a complimentary blowout. This is a total value of $85. Mom gets products and you get a blowout. Everybody wins. Boom!

Enough about promoting my business. Lets be real, you know I had to do it! That's how I stay in business.

Next up

Number three on the list is a simple balloon bouquet. You can pick those up from $Tree, all you need is a Lincoln and some sofa change for that and you're good to go. But, I hope mom likes balloons.

Here's a good one.

We'll call this one number four. A live flower bouquet. What? Forget the balloons and head over to your neighbors garden and hand pick some flowers, wrap them in tissue paper with a some ribbon and bam! I am not promoting that you do this nor did you hear it from me... On a serious note head over to Trader Joe's or Aldi, they have beautiful inexpensive flowers that anyone can afford. I actually spotted orchids for $9.99 at Aldi.

For the cake eaters. LOL

Mom have a sweet tooth? Pick up some cupcakes from the local bakery.

Win her over.

You are never ever too old for a crafty gift. Pull out those hot glue guns even Elmer's glue will work, and let your inner child come out to play.

Last and certainly not least

and probably the best gift that you could give mom. A hug. A kiss. And the knowledge of appreciation for everything that she does for you and everyone around her. Because lord knows that you all are something else to deal with. LOL. (That's my little joke). Now go. Hug your mom!

At the end of the day remember that it's the thought that counts, not how much money you spend.


How about giving mom a little bit of quality time? PUT DOWN THE PHONES! Make eye contact. Look at old baby pictures and make new memories.


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