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3 Reasons why you need salon treatments

After dousing your hair in all the oil AND adding a shine spray, your hair still looks dull and now it feels greasy, stringy and weighed down. Ever wonder why? There is a probability that your hair is dry, has moisture loss and a bit of damage. Dull hair is never a good thing. Have you ever considered a salon treatment? Salon treatments can be miracle workers in a crunch. Treatments help to repair and restore your lifeless tresses boosting the health of your hair leaving it healthy, shiny and smooth. Who doesn’t want that?

So you think that you can just do some over the counter treatment in the privacy of your own home? Well technically you could but how will you know what treatment is best for the results that you are looking for? Going to a salon to have the service done has several benefits. The scalp massage being the biggest advantage.

Your stylist will evaluate your locks to give you the best formula.

With the flux of treatments on the market how will you know what is best for your hair? I know what you’re thinking, Youtube right? Youtube is an amazing platform and very entertaining but it is not the answer to all of life’s problems. It does help solve some problems (I was able to unclog my sink due to a plumber on Youtube) but the girl sitting in front of the camera whose hair looks similar to yours, AND she’s pretty, I wouldn’t take her advice. Here’s why. More than likely she is not a hairstylist. You do not know exactly what her hair has been through, or hasn’t been through. You just do not know. Annnnnd who is sponsoring that video for her?

Your stylist will have access to the top professional hair care and equipment that you just cannot get your hands on.

Any treatment that you see, was more than likely introduced by a stylist. In order to get all the equipment that we use, you could spend a pretty penny. Being a girl is expensive and equipment, tools and products are pricey. Not to mention that the top quality products are for salon professionals only.

We know the best formulas.

We have several formulas and remedies in the stash. We know what will work and how to work it. Enough said right?!

Here are some examples of treatments that you can get in the salon. The infamous Olaplex. I have a special concoction (formula) of some goodness for your hair that I call my Deluxe Moisture Treatment. There are moisture loss treatments, repair treatments, glossing treatments. The list goes on and only a professional can tell you what you need.

The next time your hair is lacking something try talking to your stylist and visiting your salon. It makes so much sense to do it that way. Leave it to a professional that you trust. Now go! Talk to a stylist that you trust so they can give you the right prescription.


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