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Blowout's Secrets Weapon

How are your blow drying skills? Do you have a magic trick up your sleeve to achieve salon worthy blowout? I have a secret weapon.

My clients love when I give them a blowout. They say "my hair last for days when you do it. It never looks the same when I do it". I simply start by explaining to them that I spend more time styling their hair than they do, which they all agree on. I also use top quality products and a technique.

My top blowout tools are Design Base it is my favorite for closing down the cuticle. I then apply Silk control and finish with High Definition Hairspray. But let me tell you a little bit about Silk Control.

Silk Control Blow Dry Elixir is an awesome light weight gel that smooths the cuticle while creating body. This elixir gives your tresses the perfect amount of control and manageability to have your blowouts last for days. Its not stiff but neither is it too soft. It actually leaves your hair with an amazing silky finish. You apply Silk control after your favorite cuticle sealer, it is important to smooth that cuticle down for a flawless blowout. As stated above, my fave is Design base. Next step is to add a generous amount of Silk control then proceed with the blow dry. Its that simple. Nothing complicated about it. You too can achieve salon quality blowouts with the right products. I have them available for you along with tips. Search through my blogs to find what you are looking for.

Boom! That's all you need. Now go! Get you some!

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