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Kicking off our new product knowledge series is Truss Professionals Deluxe Prime. Truss is a Brazilian based company that is said to be eco-friendly, by the CEO & founder Manuella Bosa. "We manufacture the products in the most ethical and responsible ways, and use the world’s largest mineral water reservoir for our water source. Our products are eco-friendly because we understand the importance of nature and preserving it for future generations. We do not test on animals, and our packaging is 100 percent eco-friendly". Truss launched here in the states just last year and my distributor was able to introduce me to some products. I like the products and plan on slowly incorporating them into the salon but fell in love with Deluxe Prime and that is available now for purchase. Below you will find out the details on this amazing prime goodness.

Deluxe Prime is a protein packed infused spray. It restores fragile, damaged and chemically treated hair. I can attest to this because being a hair stylist I love hair color and refresh or change my color quite often. My hair needs protein. Check out my blog post here about protein. Deluxe prime is a great detangler, a thermal protector before the blow dry process and also locks in shine, we all love shiny hair. This product can be rinsed or used as a leave-in conditioner. Call me greedy but I do both. I uses it before my conditioner AND I use it as my leave in.

To use Deluxe Prime. Spray it through the length of your tresses after you shampoo and rinse but before you use your conditioner. Lets look at this another way.

Step by step







If you are greedy like me, more Deluxe Prime


Easy Right? I know you'll love it. Get you some. Now get Priming.

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