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Haircut or Trim?

Can you trim my hair? Haircut please. This question is always discussed... Is there a difference between getting your haircut or having a hair trim? What are your thoughts? Which word do you use when you visit your hairdresser?

I have been licensed and working behind the chair for 14 years and this comes up at least twice a day in the salon... The differences between a haircut and a trim are simple. There is none. When I do a haircut I cut the perimeter, or the outside of your hair, section by section. I do the same when I do a "trim". If you have layers I would cut them after the perimeter. Simple enough right? I believe that when people say "I want a trim" they only want around an inch of hair taken off but when they think of a haircut they think more. If you have been a client of your hairdressers for a while then they will totally understand you but if you are a new client make sure to clarify what you would like. The benifits of having your own stylist is that you guys become comfortable with one another, they will understand your personality, likes & dislikes, and they will know what your hair can stand. This is why people hate to "Break up" with their hairstylist.Whatever termonology that you decide to use, just make sure that you and your hairstylist are communicating and on the same page so that you can achieve your desired results.

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