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Protein Treatments: The Good, The Bad and the ugly.

What is a protein treatment? Do I need one? That is a great question. Inquiring minds want to know. Read on to find out the answer to those burning questions.

Our hair is made of protein, but I bet you knew that already. Just checking! Protein is great for our hair since it is a component of the hair structure. If you have noticed your hair is mushy when it's wet and it doesn't exactly feel or look like hair. You probably need a protein treatment. Is your hair dry brittle, and broken, broken hair not shed, there is a huge difference. Do you know the difference?

Insert lesson. Okay lets say that your hair is ten inches long yet you continue to see these pieces of hair on your shoulders that are, lets say three to four inches long, more than likely it is "broken" hair. Overly processed hair whether it be from too much color, shampooing to frequently or mechanical stress can cause breakage. Also if you like those steamy hot showers turn that temperature down to shampoo your hair because water that is too hot can cause damage to the hair as well. So you've just shampooed with boiling water, you put your blow dryer on the hottest setting and straightened or curled your hair on the highest temperature. I'll bet that you did not rinse your conditioner with cool water and I guarantee that you did not use a thermal protector. Am I right? Go ahead and admit it. It's okay. What do you think that all of that has done to you hair? Hair that is healthy and naturally shed comes out from the root or follicle, and yes if you look close enough you can see a white bulb at the end of that shed strand. If you have more hair that is broken and not shed, yeah add a protein treatment.

Protein penetrates the hair shaft and repairs it to improve the structure by making the hair strong and bring moisture and lustre. A flat cuticle layer is key. If your cuticle is roughed up it will not lay smooth causing that frizz that none of us can stand. Protein will repair that cuticle and make it smooth so that it lay flat again. Can you say smooth shiny hair?

Story time. I had a new client come into my salon December 2015. She had been going to a different salon and noticed that something was not right about her hair so she asked for referrals. Along comes KiKi. When she walked into my salon I asked her about previous services which she stated that she was a six week relaxer and color client. She wanted a relaxer and I refused to give her one because her hair was so bad from what the previous stylist had done. I talked to her about the breakage that she was experiencing, yes breakage. As I touched her hair it was falling on her shoulders. I picked up a strand and showed it to her and explained to her what was going on. We talked about protein treatments and I told her what my plan of execution was. I wanted to treat her hair before I could give her a relaxer and I wanted to slowly cut it. Her hair was so broken off in one spot that it was less than an inch long. Once she heard the plan, she was not happy but she agreed. As of the date of this blog her hair is healthy and she now has eight inches of hair. That my friend is the power of protein treatments, products recommended by your stylist and patience.

Is your hair limp, falling flat and lacking sheen? Protein to the rescue.

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